It is not just about being  healthy or unhealthy, but about achieving a state of balance between mind and body, with equal

intake and use of energy, avoiding degenerative disease and providing ourselves the optimal chance for having a long and active life.

The nutritional value of ingredients consumed in everday food nowadays is minimal compared to the amount your body needs to

function well. Essential elements needed for health have been reduced in favour of economical demand, resulting in higher percentage of

chemicalpreservatives, additives and contaminants in your food and drink. 

Your body is under constant outside pressure and needs to fight to keep functioning on this minimal intake of nutrients. 

Therefore, we  recommend a dietary supplement  to help keep your body strong, fight negative influences and keep

your immune system and vital organs healthy.


Because of the broad spectrum of nutrients, Natura6 can have the following  health benefits:


High fibre content helps to regulate digestive system, to assimilate more nutrients from your food, and other supplements  work even better. (read more)

Riboflavin content, is said to allievate migraine attacks

Niacin promotes the reduction of total cholesterol level and reduces blood clot formation

Magnesium is known to lower the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Insoluble fiber can help women avoid the formation of gallstones

Lignan protects against breast cancer and heart disease

Help in weight loss- high fiber and protein content can play an important role in the control of  appetite

Iron helps red blood cells  to carry oxygen to all parts of the body, and helps immune functions.

Manganese is important in bone and cartilage formation; helps the hormone function  and is required for the production of

enzyme systems involved in energy production

Phosphorous helps to have healthy teeth and bones and it is important for proper kidney function.

Because of its nutritional content Natura6  improves the body's resistance and consequently  strengthens the immune system.

Mineral content ensures adequate basicity for the body to protect it   from acidification.